Fact-Checking Policy

We always seek confirmation from credible sources to confirm information, particularly when it is connected to topics of personal importance to individuals, which might cause a divergence from our purpose of reporting events exactly as they occur.

If any information published by us turns out to be inaccurate, we make every effort to rectify the news item as quickly as feasible. We make every effort not to intentionally mislead our readers. We admit serious mistakes and correct them as soon as possible and appropriately.

lallanmedia.in assures that none of its journalists deliberately or knowingly commit plagiarism or misrepresent any facts in our work.

We constantly make certain that the information we post in our material is correct. This is a critical feature, not just for reader convenience, but also for maintaining our portal’s integrity and reliability. This accuracy is maintained by taking procedures such as evaluating unclear facts and researching problematic assumptions.

We ensure that all of our information is suitable, sourced from a credible source, provides proof to back up the facts, and is truthful. We don’t try to guess on topics about which we don’t have much knowledge.

To guarantee the accuracy, all of our news items/stories are examined by a number of sub-editors and the editor. We have a multi-level fact-checking mechanism in place to ensure that no incorrect material reaches our readers.