Information Correction Policy


  • If any opportunity requires us to change the topic, subject or name, not only do we do it as soon as possible, but we also include a correction explaining the need for the change, if necessary. Details
  • Sometimes it seems that journalists have done their job well and given all the right news, but the language used to present the truth is not clear. In this case, we see that the language has been rewritten and corrected. Editor’s note
  • In the case of an article that is wrong and needs the attention of the editor, Loktej makes the editor give the readers a note that explains the problem in a way that corrects and corrects the error.

 Update the story

 Whenever we make significant changes to any of the articles, we make sure to add notes to the article where necessary, to let readers know that the article has been updated. the body. Our main goal is to serve our readers, so we make it a point to provide them with the necessary information by correcting the mistakes in our articles.

Withdrawal request

 If a topic or topic is incorrect, we make sure that it is fixed quickly after we analyze the issue. Where we use publicly available personal information about a person, we may consider a request for removal from the person concerned if they are at risk of harm due to the existence of the information. promises to provide correct and accurate information, but sometimes human error may appear in what we publish. For this, we have an effective correction policy. We strive to respond in a timely manner to the necessary corrections to our mistakes. We endeavor to correct the error as soon as it is brought to our attention. This is done for the sole purpose of delivering accurate information to our readers.